What to Look for in a Nail Drill

If you want to shape your nails, sand them, smooth them out, or repair your acrylic, you are going to need a high-quality nail drill, also called an electric nail file. But how do you choose the nail drill which is right for you? Following are some key considerations and features to look for when selecting an electric nail file.

1. Revolutions per minute (RPMs)

If you are just shopping for an electric nail file which you can use on natural nails, you only need around 10,000 RPMs of power, and that is at the outside. But if you will be working on acrylic nails, then you need a model which offers you 20,000 RPMs or more.

2. Battery life

If you are buying a cordless model (which is certainly easier to work with), check to see how much battery life you can expect. Get a model you will not have to recharge too often. Alternately, you can always opt for a corded model, or one which allows corded or cordless operation.

3. Ergonomics

If you are going to be working on acrylic nails, you might be spending a fair bit of time using your electric nail file. To that end, you should shop for a product which is going to be lightweight and ergonomic. That way, you will be less likely to develop wrist strain while you were working.

4. Noise and vibrations

A nail drill which is noisy can be obnoxious during long sessions working on acrylics. So, you may want to choose one which is relatively quiet. On the same token, vibrations can also be irritating, and they can make it difficult to do precision work. So these too should be minimal. That way, you can reduce unnecessary mistakes, making it faster, easier and more enjoyable to work on your nails.

5. Materials and construction

Choose an electric nail drill which is manufactured using high-quality materials such as stainless steel and solid construction which ensures durability and a long lifespan.

6. Cost

It is not necessary to shell out hundreds of dollars for an appliance that you're just going to be using at home to do your own nails. You can find many high-quality consumer nail drills for $100 or less.

7. Warranty

If a nail drill includes a warranty, that adds significant value to your purchase. It also tells you that the manufacturer stands behind their product, which helps to establish trust and quality.

Beautiful Nails Start With Choosing the Right Nail Drill

You have some recommendations now for selecting a nail drill which is high in quality and which is suitable for your intended use (i.e. working on acrylics versus natural nails).

Take time to compare different options before you make your selection. Doing your homework will pay off when you get the ideal electric nail file for your needs. If you are not sure where to start in your search for the perfect nail drill, take a look at our selection of high-quality, affordable electric nail files.

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